Students interested in applying for the award should do so through their school office, and should express in a brief essay how they exemplify each of the points listed in the scholarship criteria (see attached form). The essay should be in 12 font, double-spaced and no more than one page single-sided per each of the three listed criteria.

On a separate page, please type school, name, address, e-mail address and telephone number and staple this to your essay pages. Student name and school name should not appear anywhere in your essay, except on the cover page. This is to keep the judges from knowing who submitted the essays – to make the process anonymous and fair.


A committee of the Hispanic American Foundation members will select one recipient from the group of candidates. Only two candidates may be submitted by each high school. Essays and contact information should be sent to the Hispanic American Foundation, 2210 S. Main St., Tulsa, OK 74114.


The candidate selected will be notified directly by the Hispanic American Foundation office, using contact information provided with the application. The winning student’s school will be notified as well.


When the Hispanic American Foundation office receives notification that the scholarship winner has been accepted and has enrolled in a college or university, a check in the amount of $2,000 will be issued to the college or university that the winner will be attending, on behalf of the scholarship winner.


Applications should be submitted to school offices. School offices must forward their selection(s) to HAF by Thursday, April 20, 2017. Final selection will be made, and the winners notified in May. The students will be asked to attend the Hispanic Student Luncheon and Career Fair on Thursday, May 11, 2017 to be recognized.

If you have any questions, please contact the Hispanic American Foundation at 584-3333 Ext. 2 or e-mail haftulsa@haftulsa.org



Teresa Hellinghausen was placed in an orphanage at the age of eleven. To compensate for her separation from her family, she learned to develop and rely on other supportive relationships. Later in life, she was reunited with her sisters and other family members, but she continued to cultivate quasi-familial associations that provided mutual nurturing, assistance, and mentoring.  Teresa believed in the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Please describe how you have benefited from this ideal and/or how you might promote it in your own life.

Teresa was active in her community and volunteered often.  She believed strongly in the exercise of one’s civic duty and strove to improve her local community. Describe the ways in which you have worked to improve the area in which you live or attend school and how you intend to continue giving back to the community in the future.

Teresa also valued education. She graduated from the University of Tulsa and helped to implement educational programs throughout Tulsa.  Express how you think a college education will impact the course of your life.  Please be specific.

Summary: The Teresa Hellinghausen Scholarship recipient should display personal characteristics of each of the criteria above. The key components are to explain how others have influenced your development, how you intend to improve your community and help others, and why you value education.

Qualifications:  Not eligible for the FAFSA, preferably Hispanic; a well defined purpose and motivation to attend college; a community service orientation; maturity and a strong sense of values.

If you have any questions, please call 918-584-3333, ext. 2 or e-mail haftulsa@haftulsa.org.
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Teresa Hellinghausen Scholarship-2017