About The Hispanic American Foundation

Hispanic Cultural Promotion

The Foundation promotes Hispanic Culture by supporting or hosting cultural events with a Hispanic theme and by donating funds to local area organizations that advance the education and betterment of Hispanic youth.

For the past several years the Foundation has made donations to the San Miguel Middle School located in the Kendall Whittier area of Tulsa. The funds we donate are targeted for the school’s English training program. The San Miguel School provides a quality education for middle school aged students that have gotten behind on their education due to conditions beyond their control.

We have also made donations to the Tulsa Ballet Leaps in Motion program that provides dance training to local area youth for the purpose of education and physical training.

The Foundation has also made annual donations to support Festival Americas, a Hispanic celebration that is held every summer at Tulsa’s Guthrie Green and to support the Dia de Los Muertos Celebration that is held annually at the Brady district of Tulsa.

In the past, the Foundation has also made other donations in support of cultural events held at Gilcrease Museum and the Tulsa Community College Signature Symphony Series.