Yazmin Brito Receives Living the Dream Student Award & Scholarship for Leadership and Service

image of Tulsa woman in front of wall

The Living the Dream Student Award & Scholarship is sponsored by the Hispanic American Foundation, Supermercados Morelos, and the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office and is designed to recognize a high school student who has demonstrated leadership, academic excellence, and a strong commitment to their community. This year we have two students who have earned the distinction of being recognized as recipients of the Living the Dream Student Award & Scholarship, Yazmin Brito and Kimberly Escolero.

Yazmin Brito is a senior at Union High School who attends Tulsa Tech’s Criminal Justice program on the Peoria Campus.

Upon graduation, Yazmin plans to serve as a Detention Officer for the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office. Yazmin hopes to one day serve in Special Operations.

Yazmin strives to lead and serve by putting the needs of others ahead of her own and by believing in others, even when they may not believe in themselves. Yazmin wants to give back to her community by serving as a positive role model to young people through her continued diligence and commitment to the law enforcement profession.